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Paul Andre

Pinays.com will tantalize your tastes as you engage in a realm of beauty & grace.  With a drop of essence & a hint of fire, this hypnotic spell will seduce your cravings.  Pinays.com invites you to find the most exceptional Filipino beauties across the world today.  Starting right here in California, we will take you on an adventure to meet the most intriguing ladies ready to be introduced to the whole world.  Join us as we explore the beauty all the way to the Philippines.  Packaged to fit your every desire, Pinays.com is your source for tasteful pleasure & refined entertainment.

We know that you are tired of the same ol' same ol', the been there done thats!   Pinays.com focuses on the exposure of the best female upcoming models & talents.  We strive to bring you what you want.  We know that you want something new every so often, & that's why Pinays.com was created - to satisfy your changing tastes for selective eye candy.  Our goal is simple - to provide you with the best that this industry has to offer.   So, no matter what you please, Pinays.com will give you what you need.

With that being said, Pinays.com is not just about Filipino beauties; it's about exotic women illustrated in the form of art.   Colors - light & dark, lines - straight or curved, our women are shaped into the most flattering, yet natural displays smacked with a bounce of flavor.

This intricate foundation is laid to cultivate a premier class of women as we advance into the future of polished personalities intertwined with beauty & perception.   We hope you enjoy what is here & what is to come.